It’s time for a change



I’ve changed.

Hell, I’m changing.

These past months have been an endless emotional roller-coaster, leading me to work a lot on learning about myself and finding peace with my demons.

In the process, I have neglected this blog a bit, partially because of having my mind elsewhere, partially because this whole way of reviewing simply wasn’t working for me anymore. I bought a Kindle and gave up trying: I downloaded tons – TONS – of books and now read a lot more than I used to. Since I was downloading them all already, I started buying books compulsively again. Reviews weren’t written because there were just so many to write.

And the thing is: who cares? Isn’t being a book addict the least of my problems? The least of anyone’s problems? It turns out I can finally say that I’m ok with buying too many books. Being a bookaholic is part of who I am. It’s not a situation that needs an intervention; I won’t go bankrupt or anything and I’ve been reading more than ever.

So here’s what we’re gonna do: I’ve changed, so this blog will change. I say to hell with rules. I will buy what I want whenever I want to, read whatever pleases me and review everything in a more concise way, keeping things shorter and easier. With that purpose, I’ll sometimes group book reviews together, as I have tried once or twice already. Easier, simpler, more readable.

And I’ll feel no more guilt. I am no longer a girl in her desperate attempt to buy less and read more. I am a girl in her desperate attempt to read everything she can.

No more rules. May the fun begin.


And it begins.

Hello, my name is Mariana and I have an addiction.

And not a bad one, either. I am addicted to buying books. Ever since I was nine years old and won my first 100+ pages book, it has all happened like a snowball: I have read more and more and more and more.

There are worse addictions to have, of course. I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol and find buying clothes to be an obligation rather than a pleasure. But books… I love buying them to the extent that I now have titles and more titles waiting to be read, piling up, bought but yet untouched, observed but not fully discovered. And as time passes by, I have less and less hours to spend on reading things I actually chose to read for leisure, making the whole matter worse.

My biggest difficulty is that I’m a sucker for bookstores. My favorite place in my entire town (Recife, by the way, on the Northeast of Brazil) is a bookshop called Livraria Cultura, a wonderful place that sells from anything I could possibly hope to read to – and there lies the problem – everything I didn’t even know I wanted to buy. I simply can’t help myself: the titles are just standing there, colorful and pretty, hoping to be picked up, hoping to be the one copy to come home with me, smelling so good (admit it, you must also love New Book Smell. I can’t be alone on this one). And leaving the bookshop without a book is my equivalent to going out for ice cream and only looking at the flavors without actually tasting any of them.

I do not, by any means, intend to read less. Quite on the contrary. I simply want to stop a) piling up books on such an amount that the older ones do not get read at all and b) spending money on titles I could buy for cheaper prices if I read everything I already have first. And for that, for finding peace with all my sad little friends waiting on my shelves to stop being a cover and become a story, I have a plan. A plan that might actually help other people on the same situation I am.


1. I will not buy any more books until all but five of the ones I already own are left unread, unless one of the following exceptions happens.

2. It is ok to ask for/be given books as presents.

3. I am allowed to buy one book at most on each national travel; four books on each international one.

4. No more books in German until I have read my first one on the language.

5. Books bought a while ago must be read between books recently bought.

6. If friends are buying from incredibly cheap, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity websites, one book purchase is allowed.

7. Borrowed books are top priority.

8. Every book read will get a review here, so perhaps I might help anyone looking for a good read.

There it is. Perhaps as I enter an abstinence crisis more rules will be necessary, but I find these to be enough for now!

The next post will be a scary one to make, but a much needed one to face: I will make a list of all books I have unread so I can tick them as I (hopefully) advance. Wish me luck!