It’s time for a change



I’ve changed.

Hell, I’m changing.

These past months have been an endless emotional roller-coaster, leading me to work a lot on learning about myself and finding peace with my demons.

In the process, I have neglected this blog a bit, partially because of having my mind elsewhere, partially because this whole way of reviewing simply wasn’t working for me anymore. I bought a Kindle and gave up trying: I downloaded tons – TONS – of books and now read a lot more than I used to. Since I was downloading them all already, I started buying books compulsively again. Reviews weren’t written because there were just so many to write.

And the thing is: who cares? Isn’t being a book addict the least of my problems? The least of anyone’s problems? It turns out I can finally say that I’m ok with buying too many books. Being a bookaholic is part of who I am. It’s not a situation that needs an intervention; I won’t go bankrupt or anything and I’ve been reading more than ever.

So here’s what we’re gonna do: I’ve changed, so this blog will change. I say to hell with rules. I will buy what I want whenever I want to, read whatever pleases me and review everything in a more concise way, keeping things shorter and easier. With that purpose, I’ll sometimes group book reviews together, as I have tried once or twice already. Easier, simpler, more readable.

And I’ll feel no more guilt. I am no longer a girl in her desperate attempt to buy less and read more. I am a girl in her desperate attempt to read everything she can.

No more rules. May the fun begin.


I’m now on GoodReads!

Hey, guys,

I’m dropping by just to let anyone who might be interested to become friends and share book love that I have joined GoodReads!

Here’s the link to my profile – feel free to add me

I’m keeping my account on the Brazilian equivalent, Skoob, but GoodReads turned out to be so addictive I can’t believe I hadn’t joined it before!

Tons of hugs,


We’re now on Facebook!

Bookaholic In Therapy now has a Facebook page so it’s easier for any user of the social network to keep in touch with what’s new!

Like if you feel like it (:


I am quite aware that I haven’t been posting as much as I should. College and my internship have been consuming a lot of my time, but, with the second ending tomorrow, I will have a much lighter schedule and will be able to write (and read) more!

So I was thinking of starting a few fix, weekly posts here. I’m still trying to decide what to do, though. So far I have come up with three ideas which I intend to implement on the course of next week.

If you have any idea of what you’d find interesting to see here, please let me know on the comments! I am open to suggestions (and quite desperate for them, if I’m honest haha).