[(Short) Book Reviews] Who Could That Be At This Hour? and Storm Front

who could

Who Could That Be At This Hour?, Lemony Snicket

The first book in a new series from the nom de plume that signs A Series of Unfortunate Events, the story follows a young Lemony starting an apprenticeship with a completely incompetent mentor and trying to solve a mystery while asking all the wrong questions. Like anything else from Snicket, the book is fun and easy to read, with great plotting and strong characters. The story receives just the right amount of closure to make you happy with the book and waiting for the next one. Filled with irony and great lines, this is a nice pick for both children at age and at heart.


Storm Front, Jim Butcher

The first book from the The Dresden Files series introduces us to Harry Dresden, a wizard that takes both private cases and helps the Chicago PD in ongoing investigations that seem to have something of the magical world to do with them. An incredibly fast read, the writing might be a bit sloppy at times and the story might not have profound metaphors or deep psychological development, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN. I mean it, it’s caps lock fun. It has everything from a talking skull named Bob to a love potion to giant insects to explosions to a spell called “FUEGO”. And if you’re the kind of person who turns down a book with a talking skull named Bob (I’m not), let me tell you something: the plotting is great. All the pieces of the story connect and make sense, showing Jim’s ability to set the game and then properly close it. I’m dying to read the next ones, which I heard are even better than the first. If you like easy and fun, this one is for you!


2 thoughts on “[(Short) Book Reviews] Who Could That Be At This Hour? and Storm Front

  1. I’m absolutely, completely in love with this new series by Snicket. I’ve missed his style so damn much.. The book is adorable, funny, and just makes in wanna read it all at once. I loved it. So much so that I’ve already read the second book in the series and a compilation of little misteries, and I’m now dying of expectation for the third book. And The Dresden Files were really good too! The theme is very interesting, the characters are pretty cool, and I’m looking forward to the whole a-different-mystery-each-book kinda format. It seems like a fun series, can wait to read more of it. And BOB ❤

    • I totally need to read the second one on Snicket’s series! I heard it’s wonderful and just as fun as the first one (: And yes, BOB. Dying to read the fourth of The Dresden Files and maybe get a bit more of quality time with him haha

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