[List] Books read in 2012

2012 is coming to an end and I am quite proud (yes, I don’t keep my expectations too high) at the amount of books I read this year! My college being at strike helped, of course, but I still had to study a lot even when I had no classes, which means a good part of the 29 books I managed to read is still on me, I guess.

Here is the list, with a rating on the side of each title:

  1. Nas Profundezas  (The 39 Clues, Book 6), Jude Watson – 5/5
  2. The Tennis Party, Sophie Kinsella – 3/5
  3. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson – 5/5
  4. Watchmen, Alan Moore – 5/5
  5. Matched, Ally Condie – 4/5
  6. Do Contrato Social (The Social Contract), Jean-Jacques Rousseau – 5/5
  7. O Manifesto do Partido Comunista (The Communist Manifesto), Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – 4/5
  8. The Red Pyramid, Rick Riordan – 3/5
  9. I’ve Got Your Number, Sophie Kinsella – 5/5
  10. Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer – 4/5
  11. O Ninho de Cobras, Peter Lerangis (The 39 Clues, Book 7) – 4/5
  12. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins – 5/5
  13. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins – 5/5
  14. One Day, David Nicholls – 5/5
  15. Mr. Maybe, Jane Green – 1/5
  16. The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger – 5/5
  17. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald – 5/5 (Can I give it a 100000/5?)
  18. The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien – 5/5
  19. Runaway, Meg Cabot – 4/5
  20. A Dança do Universo, Marcelo Gleiser – 5/5
  21. More Baths, Less Talking, Nick Hornby – 5/5
  22. O Código do Imperador, Gordon Corman (The 39 Clues, Book 8) – 4/5
  23. An Abundance of Katherines, John Green – 5/5 (Review here)
  24. Ein Kater schwarz wie die Nacht, Henning Mankell – 3/5 (Review here)
  25. A Study in Scarlet, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – 5/5 (Review here)
  26. The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde – 5/5 (Review here)
  27. Jinx, Meg Cabot – 5/5 (Review here)
  28. Hush, Hush, Becca Fitzpatrick – 4/5 (Reread, review in 2013)
  29. Crescendo, Becca Fitzpatrick – 3/5 (Review in 2013)

Any thoughts? How many books have you guys read in 2012?


10 thoughts on “[List] Books read in 2012

  1. Whoa, you’ve read a lot in 2012! My total was miserables twelve books. Just sad. I hope 2013 brings a more focused-in-books Amanda – and less in Facebook, fgs.
    There are many books in your list that I want to read. The Great Gasbty, The Hobbit (which I already have, but my fiancée stoled to read), More Baths, Less Talking… Hope I have time to all of them!
    Happy New Year for you, Mari!

  2. I am profoundly ashamed of my number of books read in 2012. You are a reading machine. Oh, and I’ve started The Great Gatsby and I’m LOVING it. Everything is so wonderfully described, I am in awe.
    Can’t wait to see what 2013 is gonna bring you book wise… 🙂 gonna stay tuned for you blog reviews!

    • “You are a reading machine” hahaha I try my best XD I knew you’d love it, it’s so beautifully, perfectly written! And it has such strong symbolism!
      I’m so excited about 2013! I know I won’t be able to read as much as I used to because of college, but I still hope to strike some books off my unread list 😉

  3. Acho que só consegui ler tantos livros em 2012 por causa da greve da UFPE… Vou tentar ler novamente 50 livros esse ano, mas com o TCC acho meio difícil. Legal que muitos dos livros que você leu esse estão na minha lista de favoritos, temos gostos um pouco parecidos! 😀

    • Eu também devo muito dessa lista à greve haha E tenho o mesmo problema: um TCC pela frente, com a OAB como bônus ):
      Quais dos que eu li estão entre os teus favoritos? Fiquei curiosa! (:

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